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Lineage 2 Interlude lowrate Server: Valkyrie Melcosoft

General information
Added: 26.09.2021 20:41
Opening date: 22.10.2021 20:00 (GMT+3)
Language: Russian
Chronicles: Interlude
Type: Normal
Platform: PTS
Facebook:Find us on facebook
VKontakte:Find us on vkontakte
Server rates: EXP: x1 SP: x1 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 16
GM Shop:
Custom Weapon:
Custom Zones:
NPC Buffer:
Custom Armor:
Offline Trade:
Interlude PTS VALKYRIE x0,7​

This is a fresh take on the Interlude chronicles. Modern client High Five, one of the best PTS builds. This version of the game combines the best concepts and features of the most popular chronicles. We have kept the best Interlude mechanics and added popular content from later chronicles, such as new skills, Kamalokas, mounts, Raid Bosses and much more.

•        Rates: All х1, exept EXP&SP х 0,7 Raid & Epic х 0,5
- Number of free play windows: 2 (Premium Account removes the limit on the number of windows)
- Secure updated client side.
- All * .dll, * .u, * .exe, * .xdat, user.ini, l2.ini files are closed for editing.
- Locations - a familiar world without the continent of Grace.
- All NPCs are standard Interlude chronicles.
- Maximum level - 80
- Number of buff slots: 20 + 4
- Death Penalty: Included
- Removed Soul Crystal from Luxury Shop
- Manor disabled
- No herbs
- No cursed weapon
- No drop when dying from mobs
- No shadow weapon in the store (only coupons for the profession)
- Newbie Helper - beginner's helper is available from stage 2
- Dens and Songi disappear when the character is re-logged.
- Merchant of Mammon now sells Dualsword Craft Stamp. Cost 1.000.000 ancient adena (since the manor is disabled).
- Changed the basic parameters of all mobs in the world, with the exception of Raids and Epic Bosses: p.def / m.def increased by 20% and p.atk / m.atk by 10%
- Unique raid bosses (Guardians of the cities) enter the game world to rally all players on the server. The main feature of these RBs is the ability to get scrolls, to learn new skills.
- Offline trading is available to all players from the start, the offline command
- Daily Instances (Kamaloka, Labyrinth of the Abyss). Available to the character 1 time per day without the possibility of buying a ticket for donation or game currency. Read more: Kamaloka Labyrinth of the Abyss)
- Mounts are special riding pets. Attack on horseback is impossible.
- Rebirth of pets - designed to help the owner with enhancing magic and healing. No attacking skills.
- Costumes that add uniqueness to your character. Only appearance without additional enhancing effects and properties. Can be used in conjunction with main armor.
- Combo buffs after getting 3rd profession
- In-game mail.
- Crystal: D / C / B / A / S Grade set cost 0 when sold to shop.
- It is no longer possible for NPC Fishing Guildsman to get Proof of Catching a Fish for fish. Proof of Catching a Fish can be bought for 500 from him.
- To learn the Clan Rune skill, you need Embalmed Guardian's Heart, the exchange of Guardian's Heart for Embalmed Guardian's Heart takes place at Ingrid for adena.
- Brooch Castle can be purchased from Chamberlain, for a bonus from castle ownership. Has a time period = 7 days
- The experience bonus in the party is adjusted by HF.
- From Blacksmith in the castle you can buy goods that were previously available for manor, their cost has been changed to adena (high cost), and there is also a limit on the purchase of items per day.
- Visiting the Hall and the Labyrinth of the Abyss is possible only once a day, access renewal at 6:30 Moscow time.
- Adventure Guildsman now requires significantly fewer RB items to exchange for Grade C / B armor and weapons
BladeDancer and SwordSinger have received a new skill Deadly Strike for these chronicles
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