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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2022

- 2 p2win - Antibot system: Strix-Guard / Captcha - Retail interlude client - Rewarding events - Offline mode Shop - Yes
L2 Atlas is Interlude No-Custom PvP Server. Great events, massive online, raid bosses and castle sieges. Top 3 clans will share 900 Euros worth of Rewards, more info in website.
1000 USD ЗА ВЗЯТИЕ И УДЕРЖАНИЕ ГИРАНА!!! Привет. Собираю пати на этот сервер 1 октября в 20.00 открытие сервера. X­­-50 Онлайн небольшой, поэтому шансо
Lineage 2 Death - Interlude International Cutom PvP Server x10k
Info EXP Rates: x1000 SP Rates: x1000 Adena: x1000 Drop: xCustom Balanced Classes ENCHANT RATES Safe+3 Max +20
Long Term project you can be sure of! No wipe. No P2W. Multibox allowed. Bots allowed. Most stable, fully working geo, bosses, mobs, areas, skills etc. NPC Buffer 1h. Join us!
Lineage II - Lineage II High-Rate PvP Server
EXP/SP x100 Drop x50 Spoil x100 Adena/AA/Manor/Quest Item x30 RB x10 Keymats Count x1
Lineage 2 Master Class ch.2 PvP Server - L2 Imperial
Highfive x100, Fun relax server, long term dedicated project!
Most stable server on the planet! Premium accounts, Buffer, Scroll of Luck, Buff book, Interlude events, Custom hats, Allowed dualbox, and a lot more. Join us, test us, love us!
Estamos próximos a abrir el servidor, y van a haber premios únicos por registrarse durante los primeros días de que el servidor arranque. No te los pierdas.
L2interlude official files! True No Pay to Win ! Best Anti cheat guard ! Very good DDos Protection ! Br Proxy! Lagg less!
Here you will find an open Lineage 2 Homunculus ch server.2 with x50 rates and Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 with x50 rates!
Exp/SP: x25 Adena: x10 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Reward: x2 Manor: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Encha: 12
all raid boss in the world are weak and got respawn 1 minute , custom farm zones custom raid bosses and custom events, safe enchant 15 max enchant 70 enchant rate 99% enchant dr