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Lineage 2 Interlude megarate Server: Lineage II Rise of Antharas

General information
Added: 09.10.2022 18:41
Opening date: 16.12.2022 19:00 (GMT+2)
Language: English
Chronicles: Interlude
Type: PvP
Platform: Java
Discord:Join discord channel
Server rates: EXP: x2500 SP: x2500 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 16
GM Shop:
Custom Weapon:
Custom Zones:
NPC Buffer:
Custom Armor:
Offline Trade:
Lineage II Rise of Antharas - Interlude Final Project

Server Rates:

Exp/Sp: x2500 Until level 80 / Exp/Sp: x50 from level 80 to 85.
Adena: x1 (Custom modification).
Drop: x1 (Custom modification).
Spoil: x1.
Epic Drops: 100% - Drop of 1 Epic Jewel.

Enchant Rates:

Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scrolls: Success rate 70%, if the enchant fails, the item is being Crystalized. [Usable from +0 to +12]
Blessed Scrolls: Success rate 70%, if the enchant fails, the item's Enchant Value returns to +4. [Usable from +0 to +12]
Crystal Scrolls: Success rate 55%, if the enchant fails, the item's Enchant Value returns to +12. [Usable from +12 to +16]

Augmentation Rates:

Augmentation System: Stuck Actives - 1 Passive
Mid-Grade Lifestone: Lv76 - chance to get a skill: 8%
High-Grade Lifestone: Lv76 - chance to get a skill: 12%
Top-Grade Lifestone: Lv76 - chance to get a skill: 16%

Server Basic Information:

Max Level 85 - Every level above 80 you obtain a unique passive skill.
L2Roa Economy: [ Adena ]
L2Roa Custom Economy: [ RoA Coins, Boss Fragments, Vote Tokens, Event Tokens, Gold Bars ]
Dynasty Armors - Dynasty Weapons.
Custom Tattoos of All kind. You choose which path you will walk!
Armor Upgrader to PvP parts. [After whole set Upgraded you will be granted with 10% PvP Physical/Magical Damage]
Synergy PvP Reward system for Healers/Supports.
Party Supports Restriction [ Every party can have Maximum 2 Support Classes. Example: 2 cardinals, 1 Cardinal-1 Evas Saint ]
Reworked Skills / Realistic gameplay. [No Overpowered Stats]
Custom Starting Area [Valley of Experience] for all Newbie Characters to levels 1-80.
Solo Farm Zone [Lair of Antharas] with Easy and Medium difficulty Monsters. Raidbosses are also Hidden in this Area.
Party Farm Zone [Valley of Demons] with Hard Elite Monsters. Raidbosses are also Hidden in this Area.
Solo PvP Zone [Hunters Village] every 6 Hours for 30 minutes - PvP Rewards x2 [ Support Classes are not able to join this area ] - Level 81 Restriction Zone
PvP Zone: 6 Unique Locations that rotate every 2 hours.
PvP - Pk Name/Title Color System.
PvP Reward System
TOP PvP-Pk Rankings Board.
General Shop - Custom Shop
Unique Buffer - Buffs system
Noblesse System Custom - No quest Required!
Weekly Grand Olympiad Heroes. [ Wings of Destiny Provide extra Stats ] - Noblesse Status and Level 81 Required to Join
Weekly Castle Sieges. [ Aden Castle - Giran Castle ] - [ Lords Crown/Castle Circlet Provide extra Stats ]
Retail Clan System Fully working.
Retail Clan Hall System Fully working.
Hero Announce on Login.
Castle Lord Announce on Login.
Shift+click to Check Droplist of the targeted Monster / Raidboss.
Offline Shop System.
Vote Reward System - Vote Buff. [ .vote ]
Automatic Event Manager - 5 Unique Events.
AIO Buffer System.
Premium System.
45+ Unique Skins [ .skin ]
80+ Unique Custom Accessories [ 50 pDef/mDef ]
Balanced Classes.
Balanced Economy.
Epic Bosses Available [ Reworked ]
15+ Custom modified Raidbosses [ Reworked ] - [Teleport Available for some Raidbosses]
Raidboss Live Info System
Hardcore Oldschool Playstyle as it can get!
No PAY 2 WIN / Fair Donations and much more!

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