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Lineage 2 Interlude lowrate Server:

General information
Added: 13.05.2022 19:44
Opening date: 13.05.2022 20:00 (GMT+0)
Language: English
Chronicles: Interlude
Type: MultiCraft
Platform: Java
Server rates: EXP: x1 SP: x1 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 12
GM Shop:
Custom Weapon:
Custom Zones:
NPC Buffer:
Custom Armor:
Offline Trade:
Emerald Armor Adds stats s top Armor and more, 2000[Hp]
First Class Reward Letter L - Which adds +252[Hp]
Second Class Reward Letter L - Which adds +504[Hp]
Second Class Reward Letter L - Which adds +756[Hp]
Premium Account Reward Letter I - Which adds +1008[Hp]
Premium account reward Ornaments of your choice Demon Horns or Little Angerl Wings +2016[Hp]
Reward of Baium, Antharas, Valakas Iron Circlet +756[Hp] Antharas Slayer Circlet +1556[Hp] Valakas Slayer Circlet +2056[Hp]

Safe enchant +3
Safe enchant armor full +4
Maximum weapon enchant +12
Maximum sharpening of armor and jewelry +8
General sharpening 70% +4, 60% +5 +6, 50% +7 +8, 40% +9 +10, 30% +11 +12
Blessed enchant: 80% +4, 66% +5 +6, 56% +7 +8, 46% +9 +10, 36% +11 +12
Server General
Automatic skill learning, Mana Drug, ,
The chance of dropping a Tyrannosaurus Rex Top LS is 20%.
The maximum number of clients per HWID is 3.
Sweeper Festival added to the Scavenger class at level 28.
Shadow weapons only when moving to the 1st and 2nd class, all others are disabled.
The resurrection effect of all skills lasts 5 minutes.
Flames of invincibility are for movement only, no spells required,
the effect disappears on any action.
NPC Buffer with all buffs for free, duration 1 hour
Server Other
Using Global Chats [Enabled]
Minimum level for global chat [1]
Scheduled daily auto-restart of the server. Time 5:00 am
When falling from a height, the player takes damage
Cursed Weapon Settings
Drop weapons on the ground when disconnected / kicked from the server [No]
Auto-delete things lying on the ground, time in seconds, 600 (10 minutes)
Separate setting for dropped by player or dropped from PC [7200]
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