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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2021

What is Multi Profession? Multi Profession is not a standard system of character development. Now, each player can learn skills of any profession for SP. Every character can combin
L2 H5 x666 Multi skill and rebirth server start 2020.07.24
We made a revolution in the world of multiskill servers the game has several game modes the full balance of all classes unique Event more than 3000 unique items and a common storyline
MultiWorld.Ws - New World Phoenix x3 - Lineage 2 High Five set up on a new Cllient Grand Opening 4th of December at 1800 GMT 1. Open Beta Test 28 November at 1600 GMT1. Basic information Server Chronicles High Five 5. Server Client Prelude of Wa
L2XB Custom H5 Pve Multiskill Server. All Armors Weapons and Jewels have Special Stats Custom Armors Weapons and Jewels with Special Skills Cloak Shirt Wings Shields and Head Accessory Give Extra Power Shiny Bracelet open 6 Talis presents to Your attention Our project is set up specifically for fans of the brighter game Multi-Plus Interlude. A unique balance between the game classes we do not have 2-3 second pvp and with similarly quotdressedquot characters the
Acid-World.Ru Lineage 2 Interlude Plus x10000 09.06.2020 1900 .
- Chronicle Interlude - classic - Platform PTS - Rate x1000 - GM Shop - Buffer with saving buff - Automatic events - Castle capture every week - Gludio PVP Town - Auto learn skills - Protection after teleportation - Buff time 1 hour - Main cities Giran and
XP 5000 SP 5000 Drop x1000 Adena 5000 Epolet x500 Quest x5 BuffTime 90 BuffLimit 73 MusicLimit 48 DebuffLimit 12 90 70
about this setup of the server of L2CraftWorld. Or goal is not to get as many players as possible to this server. Thats not the goal of us the goal is to create a server where you as players should have fun and your like to play here. So you should not f
Server Complex Lineage 2 High Five MultiProff. Why our servers are the best - 100 Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us - Online Support 247 - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection - Unique bot prot
Lineage II Secret of Empire FIRST Classic 2.9 MultiProff Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best - 100 Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Prote
04.10.2019 1900 1900 . Java and C High Five . PvP 10000 85
Open date 08182018 PvE server 1GB 500kk Adena Lv1 5kk adena EXP X100 SP X100 ADENA X100 Drop X1 Event Mob X2 Bonus in adena SUB CLASS INFO Max subs 3 max subclass lvl 75 without Quest. ITEMS CUSTOMS 24 set Goddess Jewells