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Lineage 2 Madrazo

General information
Added: 31.08.2021 17:21
Opening date: 05.09.2021 18:00 (GMT+1)
Owner: l2madrazo
 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Language: English
Chronicles: Interlude
Type: PvP
Platform: Java
Facebook:Find us on facebook
Discord:Join discord channel
Server rates: EXP: x300 SP: x300 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 20
GM Shop:
Custom Weapon:
Custom Zones:
NPC Buffer:
Custom Armor:
Offline Trade:
For the first time in history of Lineage 2 the clans will control the Economy of the server, There are three types of Drugs: Weed,Heroin,Cocaine in every town there is a Drug Dealer npc to change the Weed leaf,Heroin Leaf,Cocaine leaf to the Processed Drug of every type with 10% fee. The clan castle owners will earn the fee when some player change the Unprocessed drug to the Processed drug, there are three special towns which can change the value of the fee Giran - Aden - Goddard the other cities cannot change the fee (10%). Every week clans can attack the castles and can be the Cartel of Towns and of course the Leader of clan will earn 20 Euro of Donation coin.
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