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L2deathKnight 200x Taxa Média

General information
Added: 23.04.2021 20:13
Opening date: 21.05.2021 17:12 (GMT-3)
Owner: L2deathknight
Language: Portuguese
Chronicles: Interlude
Type: Normal
Platform: Java
Server rates: EXP: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x50 Adena: x50 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 16
GM Shop:
Custom Weapon:
Custom Zones:
NPC Buffer:
Custom Armor:
Offline Trade:
Serves No Custom 200x Mid Rate
Server Time: (GMT-3)
Server Chronicles: Interlude

Armor: Grade S
Weapon: Grade S
Jewels Boss
Tattoo and Accessories +100
The Lord\'s Crown +300
Wings of Destiny Circlet +300
Noblesse Tiara +300
Argument: STR, INT, WIT, MEN: 5% Chance
Base-Class: Level 01
Sub-Class: free
Sub-Class: Level 40
Nobless Quest Retail
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Game currency Adena and Acient Adena.
Hex\'s Life Stone Drop
Weapon Grade (S) Drop
Blessed Scroll Drop
Chaotic Zones.
Allowed 2 bishop per Party
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