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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2021

L2Mythodea High Five Server x5 Welcome the Mythodea High Five Server x5 Fresh PROJECT STABLE NO WIPE Enjoy the server with your friends your Best Choise Mid Rate Custom
INFORMATION Lineage 2 Interlude C6 Type NO CUSTOM PVP SERVER ExpSp x3000 Drops xCustom Balanced classes ENCHANT RATES Safe WeaponArmor 7 Blessed Max Weapon 20 Blessed Max Armor 15 Crystal Max Weapon 25 Crystal Max Armor 20 NORMAL SCROLL
We made a revolution in the world of multiskill servers the game has several game modes the full balance of all classes unique Event more than 3000 unique items and a common storyline
SERVER RATES Exp x5000 Sp x5000 Adena x1000 Party Exp x1.5 Party Sp x1.5 STARTING PLAYERS Players Start in Talking Island Starting Lvl 80 All Sgrade Items In Gm Shop Is free. ENCHANT RATES Safe WeaponArmor 4 Max Enchant 50
--Informations L2Glorious-- C6 Interlude Server No custom armorweapons Balanced Classes Custom Skins Captcha Antibot Tattoos and Masks Easy FarmMain currency Farm Coins No weight Limit Donate Boss 1
Rates XP 100x SP 100x Adena 45x No weight limit buffs 1 hour dyes are disabled Custom Rebirth Noblesse. Well start with a C4 gameplay classes and its skills zones etc and well slowly provide updates to go higher in chronicles implementing e
Servidor con SubClase Acumulativa Rate Mid y a su vez Crafter ya que nuestro GM Shop pone a su disposicion desde No Grade hastaGrado B en Armor y Weapon. Es solo una Subclase que podrnacumular a su barra de Skill ambas con el 3er Cambio de profe
Lineage 2 Core PvP Grand Opening 6th January 2021 1800 GMT 2 Visit our website at httpsl2corepvp.comutmsourcemxcamputmmediummxc Lineage 2 Core PvP Server Features Server Rates ExpSp x500 Adena x15 Drop x15 Party Exp x 1.5 Party SP x 1.
NO DONATIONS RATES XP x1000 SP x1000 Adena x1000 GENERAL Multiple ways to get full Gear Full action server 4 Weeks per Season Hall of Fame Every Season the ranks will be posted and stay there forever Top 20 PvP Top 20 PK Top 20 Online Top Her
GRAND OPEN 7-1-2021 L2 RedArrow High Five Server x10 Welcome the RedArrow High Five Server x10 Fresh PROJECT STABLENO WIPE Enjoy the server with your friends your free time Best Choise Mid Rate Custom Server DONATE SHOP WITH ITEMS FEATURES EXP
New low rate server x3 Interlude on 30th of January 2021 Expecting massive online 3000 ppl Longterm project Best worldwide interlude files. 2 years online guarantee.
We are cheerful to present a new world of Lineage 2 Are you a fan of classic Lineage 2 Interlude Are you tired of endless add-ons Time to try something new. What did we prepare for you One of the best-balanced Lineage 2 Interlude. The server includ
XP x0.01 || Adena/Drop/Spoil chance x0.1 Retail-like Classic Saviors (LIVE started: 29.01.2021) Full retail, Real Hardcore Experience, max lv39
L2Duria Interlude Custom PvP Server 1000x. Grand Opening 26th February.25 Active Skills /50 Passive Skills (MultiSkills). 4th Classes on 80 Level Aka/Zar.
Our BETA client is online! Bot Allowed! Grand launch on February 13, 2021 Go to and download
Full Buff on Alt+B | Auto Farm | Max Enchant +10 | No bots! (Smart Guard 3.1) | Mana Potion | Auto Potion | No P2W | Max Dual Box | Buffs 1 hr | 300+ Online | Long Life for YEARS!
Welcome to the largest Lineage 2 project for the Latino/International community. Our 2021 season will take place on February 20st with the settings and gameplay of the 2018 hits!
Grand Opening : 01/03/2021 L2Ionian x100 L2Ionian was created to live for ever without wipes and unexpected shutdowns. JOIN NOW!