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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2022

Server Chronicles C4 - classic. Rates Exp x10 Sp x10 Adena x10 Drop x10 Spoil x5 RB x3 Epic x1 1 and 2 profession is taken for free Auto-learning skills Autoloot NPC full buffer The duration of all buffs is 60 minutes Buff sl - New Fantasy World High Five Craft-PvP x25 Grand Opening 4 February 2022 at 18:00 GMT +1
Pvp server based in Good vs Evil project
High Five x2000 PvP Online 3000+
L2 Hounds Private server is here for you over a year, every day even better. GMs and server admins are every day in game.
Welcome to the largest Lineage 2 project for the Latino/International community. Our 2021 season will take place on February 20st with the settings and gameplay of the 2018 hits!
GENERAL RATES EXP x100 SP x100 Adena x55 Drop chance x20 Spoil chance x20 RateRaidBoss x10 DropEpolets x10 Quests x10 Fame x2
Take a step back in time when we were all very young and full of dreams, and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning.
Here you will find an open Lineage 2 Homunculus ch server.2 with x50 rates and Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 with x50 rates!
Classic game rules craft server, x10 Bots allowed.
L2 Atlas is Interlude No-Custom PvP Server. Great events, massive online, raid bosses and castle sieges. Top 3 clans will share 900 Euros worth of Rewards, more info in website.
EXP/SP x15. Drop/Spoil/Adena x5. Quest EXP/SP Reward x1. Quest Drop/Adena/Item Reward x1. Raid Boss Drop x3. Epic Raid Boss Drop x3.
VALKYRIE x0.7 The modern PTS client High Five, tuned to the chronicles of Interlude, has a number of advantages like strong mobs & Raid Boss! New Balance, new tactics
Interlude Mid-Craft X15 , 21.01.2022 Amazing transformation to Hybrid IL+H5 x30 Chronicle Interlude, Custom Unique Interface H5 with addons. Active Antycheat, Support 24/7.
✔️ Interlude x50 PvP International game server , Russian and English language. ❤ Simple level up and drop Coin of Luck. ❤
Lineage 2 Freya free to play º Laravel is a gaming community and an international free-to-play Lineage 2 Freya private server. º We are glad to welcome you to our server