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L2top list of all HighFive Lineage 2 Private Servers

Play to Earn System, Auto Farm, Full +20 Starter KIT, 1000+ ONLINE, Balanced Classes and PvP, Unique systems. 10 YEARS ONLINE! Come play a stable and solid server. Join us today
Lineage 2 Hive Five Exp:25x Sp:25x Adena:25x Drop:15x Spoil:15x
L2Liory HighFive 7x Server - Beta Opening 15th April - Grand Opening 29th April - $1.500 USD Rewards for Clan Sieges - Enchant: Safe +3 / Max +16 - Proxy for All Regions - DDoS
about this setup of the server of L2CraftWorld. Or goal is not to get as many players as possible to this server. Thats not the goal of us the goal is to create a server where you as players should have fun and your like to play here. So you should not f
Risen Worlds Multiskill
Risen Worlds -Project Multiprof on the High Five chronicles. The server is based on - Stable core, AI, TCP scripts, high-quality geo-engine. We are ready to share new ideas and dev
L2Mythodea High Five Server x5 Welcome the Mythodea High Five Server x5 Fresh PROJECT STABLE NO WIPE Enjoy the server with your friends your Best Choise Mid Rate Custom
» Хроники сервера: High Five 5. » Легкий старт на 20 уровне, без сложной прокачки персонажа. » При создании персонажа выдается ПА на 3 дня с рейтами x3. » Так же выдается Футболка
We are pleased to announce L2Special is now online no beta. Please report any bugs or issues and they will be resolved asap. We hope you will consider L2 Special your home and we wish you a good and entertaining time with your friends. All information - New Fantasy World High Five Craft-PvP x25 Grand Opening 4 February 2022 at 18:00 GMT +1
High Five x2000 PvP Online 3000+
L2 Hounds Private server is here for you over a year, every day even better. GMs and server admins are every day in game.
GENERAL RATES EXP x100 SP x100 Adena x55 Drop chance x20 Spoil chance x20 RateRaidBoss x10 DropEpolets x10 Quests x10 Fame x2
Classic game rules craft server, x10 Bots allowed.
EXP/SP x15. Drop/Spoil/Adena x5. Quest EXP/SP Reward x1. Quest Drop/Adena/Item Reward x1. Raid Boss Drop x3. Epic Raid Boss Drop x3.
Lineage 2 Freya free to play º Laravel is a gaming community and an international free-to-play Lineage 2 Freya private server. º We are glad to welcome you to our server