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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2022

Best worldwide interlude files. Official interlude client. Quality project with many events, only for true warriors!
Play to Earn System, Auto Farm, Full +20 Starter KIT, 1000+ ONLINE, Balanced Classes and PvP, Unique systems. 10 YEARS ONLINE! Come play a stable and solid server. Join us today
L2MASSACRE.COM presents INTERLUDE server x10, NO p2w, NO bots, NO fake players, NO fake discord online!!! START April 16 - Join us !!!
An interlude 50x server With Classic Client - Best Graphics. The best Balance, the 100% perfect server. Test and you will love it!
Exp/SP: x25 Adena: x10 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Reward: x2 Manor: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Encha: 12
Custom Interlude x10000 MegaPvP high stats fast PvP. MultiSkill x1000 PvP you can buy skills from other classes. No wipes
Interlude servers x7 with Stats Generator system x10 with Artifacts system and x999 with MultiSkill system. Bots allowed. We provide customized bots L2Walker and Adrenaline.
- 2 p2win - Antibot system: Strix-Guard / Captcha - Retail interlude client - Rewarding events - Offline mode Shop - Yes
L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude / H5 / GoD / Classic GvE servers.
⏰ Grand Opening 9th November @ 20:00 GMT +2 500€ Rewards for Clan Sieges ️ Anti DDos Auto Farm
Master of Lineage 2 Server Server Rates XP 20x SP 20x Adena 30x Drop 20x Raid Drop 3x Quest Drop 10x Quest Reward 10x Spoil 20x Manor 15x Party XPSP Multiplier 2.5x getting more XPSP when in party Enchant Rates Safe enchant
Mastery System, Improved Epic Jewels, Daily Login and more !!
⚔️L2 Limit Project⚔️ Dear players, Welcome to L2Limit The most balanced Interlude project, with unique features that players love. L2Limit is coming to change the Interlude commu
Lineage 2 Death - Interlude International Cutom PvP Server x10k
Most stable server on the planet! Premium accounts, Buffer, Scroll of Luck, Buff book, Interlude events, Custom hats, Allowed dualbox, and a lot more. Join us, test us, love us!
Long Term project you can be sure of! No wipe. No P2W. Multibox allowed. Bots allowed. Most stable, fully working geo, bosses, mobs, areas, skills etc. NPC Buffer 1h. Join us!
3 Servers: 1. X60 Craft-PvP 2. Avsd a Gve project. 3. x400 Craft pvp.
Gm shop up to S grade + special items
Server x1000 HighFive International Project Comming soon November 26 2000 GMT2
Here you will find an open Lineage 2 Homunculus ch server.2 with x50 rates and Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 with x50 rates!
Highfive x50, Fun relax server, long term dedicated project!
Melody2War: Master Class is a game server based on the updated chronicles (no wipes, more than 2 years of stable work !)
L2PAGAN Interlude CRAFT-PVP NEW SERVER! CLAN REWARDS! JOIN NOW! - New Fantasy World High Five Craft-PvP x25 Grand Opening 4 February 2022 at 18:00 GMT +1
Classic multiprofa: you can study the skills of any profession There is no penalty for drop and spoilage. Basic buffs - 2 hours (including limits\totems, etc.) Kamael Skills - 2 ho
- RateXp 1000. - RatePartyXp 1.5 - RateDropAdena 2000. - Drop 1x. - Spoil 1x. - Safe enchant 4 on all - Max Enchant 20 - Normal Scrolls 16 60 - Blessed Scrolls 16 80 - Crystal Scrolls 20 100 Note From 16 to 20 you can enchant only
Istina 50x lineage 2 Fafurion server - PvP(vE) server - Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 1x / Spoil: 5x / Adena: 25x
L2 Atlas is Interlude No-Custom PvP Server. Great events, massive online, raid bosses and castle sieges. Top 3 clans will share 900 Euros worth of Rewards, more info in website. join discord
Orfen 5x Your Best Lineage 2 server (low-rate) - EXP/SP: 5x / Drop: 1x / Raid Drop: 3x / Spoil: 5x / Adena: 5x
L2 Hounds Private server is here for you over a year, every day even better. GMs and server admins are every day in game.
⏰ GRAND OPENING - 11-th NOVEMBER 18.00 MSK⏰ ESSENCE: VANGUARD X3 Server start time 18:00 GMT+3 MSK! ➡
More events, Amazing Gameplay, High-quality PTS platform, Biggest clans of Lineage playing, Supportive Administration and Community
Top clan Event for 2000 euro real money, no bots, no p2w donates, everything by farm !!!
about this setup of the server of L2CraftWorld. Or goal is not to get as many players as possible to this server. Thats not the goal of us the goal is to create a server where you as players should have fun and your like to play here. So you should not f
Dear players and visitors we are happy to announce the first opening of L2Derby 17th of December at 20:00 Experienced and Friendly team offer you grandiose battles and sieges!
Lineage II - Lineage II High-Rate PvP Server
✅NO FREE EXP/ITEMS - Hardcore experience, you have to earn everything with effort. ✅NO P2W - No boosters for donations, you have to get everything by yourself.
L2 Unlimited PVP
L2OFF PTS, Mid rate 6x, Autoloot, Offline shop, NPC Buffs, 1000+ players
Lineage 2 Master Class ch.2 PvP Server - L2 Imperial
Elmoreden World
The first server in the whole world in 3 Languages 100% converted English, Spanish and Russian + 100% Retail l2off
Rate Exp - x7 SP - x7 Party Exp - x2 Adena - x7 Drop - x5 Spoil - x5 Drop Seal Stones - x5 Quest Reward - x1 Quest Item Drop - x3 Raid Boss Drop - x3 Raid Boss Drop Chance - x5 Epic Boss Drop - x1 New Players -Free teleports until 40lvla -Free Tickets
L2 100ka
Best pvp server
Experience: x55 (dinamic up to x150) Spell Points: x55 (dinamic up to x150) Item’s Drop: x20 (dinamic up to x40) Item’s Spoil’s: x20 (dinamic up to x40) Ade
Lineage II Rise of Antharas
Interlude Final Project - Max Level 85 - Dynasty Armors/Weapons - Unique Skins - Unique Features - Hardcore PvP Style ! Join US!
L2Might is a custom Interlude server, and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated.
Lineage 2 Freya PVE ServerPVP High Stats Start Lv 1 Max Lv 99 Rebirth ALTBRequired Lv 90 Max 500 Rebirths Rebirth Zones You can reset rebirth points Xp x250 Sp x250 Drop x1 Spoil x1 Safe 4 Max 4500 Blessed 95 when break goes -5 Cus
Lineage II Eternal Sin
Dont miss it join us now!
» Хроники сервера: High Five 5. » Легкий старт на 20 уровне, без сложной прокачки персонажа. » При создании персонажа выдается ПА на 3 дня с рейтами x3. » Так же выдается Футболка
We are pleased to announce L2Special is now online no beta. Please report any bugs or issues and they will be resolved asap. We hope you will consider L2 Special your home and we wish you a good and entertaining time with your friends. All information
We are glad to announce our new server. As a long time players our team has create a unique project in order to offer you the true Lineage 2 interlude experience. No custom items no overpower donators with a balance economy system you can enjoy your gam
Server Chronicles C4 - classic. Rates Exp x10 Sp x10 Adena x10 Drop x10 Spoil x5 RB x3 Epic x1 1 and 2 profession is taken for free Auto-learning skills Autoloot NPC full buffer The duration of all buffs is 60 minutes Buff sl
Pvp server based in Good vs Evil project
Take a step back in time when we were all very young and full of dreams, and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning.
Interlude Mid-Craft X15 , 21.01.2022 Amazing transformation to Hybrid IL+H5 x30 Chronicle Interlude, Custom Unique Interface H5 with addons. Active Antycheat, Support 24/7.
L2 Indigo x3 Low Rate Custom Server Start 01.03.2022!
L2Sherd Interlude PvP Server Grand Opening 11 March 20:00 GMT+2 ☑️ Apella Armor - Improved S Grade Weapons(Yellow Aura) ☑️ Dynasty Skins (only visual) NEW VIP Features
Do you like farming? Please! We have implemented 2 main farm locations! Do you love crafting? No problem! Sophisticated crafting system without boring spoilers! Do you like S
L2Liory HighFive 7x Server - Beta Opening 15th April - Grand Opening 29th April - $1.500 USD Rewards for Clan Sieges - Enchant: Safe +3 / Max +16 - Proxy for All Regions - DDoS
Lineage 2 Temple of Zeus (l2toz) is a low rate H5 emulator. Rates: exp/sp = x5 drop/spoil = x1 adena = x3 Custom community board with Gatekeeper Buffer GmShop All buffs from comun - x1 Interlude Low+Craft+PvP+Addons
TOTALWAR x100 NEW Chronicles: High Five Part 5 Platform: Java OBT: 21\05\2022(GMT +3) Discovery: 28\05\2022 (GMT +3) Rates Server Rates - EXP x100 | SP x100 | Adena x50 | Drop x
GENERAL RATES Exp/SP: x1200 Spoil: x1 Adena: x1 Drop: x1 Event: x1 with Premium Account x2 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60% Blessed Scroll of
L2interlude official files! True No Pay to Win ! Best Anti cheat guard ! Very good DDos Protection ! Br Proxy! Lagg less!
C4 PTS Scions of Destiny PvP World - x1200. ⏰ GRAND OPENING - October 14th 20:00 GMT +3 ⏰
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Ucraft x4 offlike server + Buffer. Buff time 1h. Bot available. Start adena 25k /unstuck 30 sec. Sub without quest. Class sell. Auto-learn skill. Buff slots 24+4 autolearn Divine I
The future world will embody all the best ideas and implementations of Master Classa projects.
Detailed information about the project is available on our website
Ucraft PvP edition. This is the Interlude server client. All actions take place on one island, which you can see on the background of the site. Classic gameplay with a few addition
SERVER RATES EXP/SP: x7 Adena: x7 Drop: x7 Spoil: x5 Seal Stone: x5 ENCHANTS & RAID BOSSES Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant Weapons: +16 Max Enchant
Free server Datacenter in germany
1000 USD ЗА ВЗЯТИЕ И УДЕРЖАНИЕ ГИРАНА!!! Привет. Собираю пати на этот сервер 1 октября в 20.00 открытие сервера. X­­-50 Онлайн небольшой, поэтому шансо
Info EXP Rates: x1000 SP Rates: x1000 Adena: x1000 Drop: xCustom Balanced Classes ENCHANT RATES Safe+3 Max +20
Chronicles: Epoch-MiddLe Concept: MegaXDrive Main way of development: PvP Starting level: 80 UP. Max server level: 87 Buff duration: 1 hour, on the server enhancement potions Amoun
Друзья! Мы пригалашаем Вас на грандиозное событие! На запуск совершенно нового сервера - Interlude Fan с рейтами х25! Большие битвы за боссов, сбалансированные классы и увлекате