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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2021

L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude / H5 / GoD / Classic GvE servers.
Free to Play Patch Homunculus Lineage2ID We will release new Lineage 2 Server with Homunculus Patch ALL BALANCE NO ONE HIT DEATH XPSP X1000x100 ADENA X100 Free to Play Server All InterfaceClassSkills Works with Almost No Bug No Pay to Win Main Currency On
Our server is a classic concept with its own gameplay. We are working on a daily basis to improve the gameplay and implement certain (Missing) moments and game mechanics. Our proje
- RateXp 1000. - RatePartyXp 1.5 - RateDropAdena 2000. - Drop 1x. - Spoil 1x. - Safe enchant 4 on all - Max Enchant 20 - Normal Scrolls 16 60 - Blessed Scrolls 16 80 - Crystal Scrolls 20 100 Note From 16 to 20 you can enchant only
Client Interlude Type Craft-PvP XP 500x AD 300x SP 500x Starting LvL 1 Max LvL 80 ALL CLASS All classes can only use the armor or weapons assigned to their class Mages can only equip unique Mage weapons
- Chronicle Interlude - classic - Platform PTS - Rate x1000 - GM Shop - Buffer with saving buff - Automatic events - Castle capture every week - Gludio PVP Town - Auto learn skills - Protection after teleportation - Buff time 1 hour - Main cities Giran and
L2-Sand Info Rates 1000x Main Town kamael Village Max level 85 3 Tier Weapons - Lindvior Weapons - Tier 1 - Valakas Weapons - Tier 2 - Kelbim Weapons - Tier 3 3 Tier Armors - Exile Armor - Tier 1 - Valkyria Armor - Tier 2 - Ertheia Armor - Tier 3 U
Basic Informationltbrgt Chronicles Interludeltbrgt Concept GvEltbrgt The main way of development PvPltbrgt Starting level 61ltbrgt Sub-class Available after choosing the 2nd professionltbrgt Buff Duration 2 hoursltbrgt Nu
Es un servidor gratuito sin donaciones personalizado total estadstica muy alta todas las clases matan nombre color x pvp y pk .eventos cada 20 minutos cp mana hp.activas como el soushot ENCHANT 100 coin hero item noblesse rum 500 y muchas cosas
L2 H5 x666 Multi skill and rebirth server start 2020.07.24
Server Type Interlude PvP Farm Server Timezone CEST UTC 1 Rate Exp x1000 SP x1000 Raid Boss Drop x1 Epic Boss Drop x1 General Features NO CRAFT No Custom Gear Main Town Dion New Characters lvl 70 Free Teleports Free C and B grade Free Class Change Auto P
Rates Exp 500x Sp 500x Adena 500x Drop 10x Enchant LifeStones Safe Enchant 4 Maximum Enchant 16 Scrolls Rate Maximum Enchant 15 70 Scrolls Rate Maximum Enchant 15 100 Scrolls Rate Maximum Enchant 16 40 Life Stone Rate
PvP - Farm x1000 -------------------- safe 4 Blessed enchant 80 Crystal enchant 60 --------------------- Dungeon -Solo every 12 hours -Party every 6 hours -Clan 3 times per day ---------------------- PvP zones change every 2 hours
Lineage 2 Core PvP Grand Opening 6th January 2021 1800 GMT 2 Visit our website at httpsl2corepvp.comutmsourcemxcamputmmediummxc Lineage 2 Core PvP Server Features Server Rates ExpSp x500 Adena x15 Drop x15 Party Exp x 1.5 Party SP x 1.
NO DONATIONS RATES XP x1000 SP x1000 Adena x1000 GENERAL Multiple ways to get full Gear Full action server 4 Weeks per Season Hall of Fame Every Season the ranks will be posted and stay there forever Top 20 PvP Top 20 PK Top 20 Online Top Her
L2Duria Interlude Custom PvP Server 1000x. Grand Opening 26th February.25 Active Skills /50 Passive Skills (MultiSkills). 4th Classes on 80 Level Aka/Zar.
Grand Opening 27/03/2021 20:00 GMT+2, Custom Instant Level 80, StartUp with Weapon and Armor B Grade, Enchant +4/+16, All Skills Works, No Custom Armor/Weapons, No OverPowered Thin