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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2021

la2equinox x5000 oriented to have max fun, events, olympiad , sieges and a lot of more.
top 3 players of the week rewarded with real money in castle giran rewarded with real money
Experience (EXP) - 500x Skill Points (SP) - 500x Adena - 500x Drop Items - 1x Starting, Subclass level - 40 Safe Enchant - 4 Max Enchant - 16 Scroll chance: 70% Blessed Scroll chan
L2HUMANITY x1200 Interlude Custom PvP SERVER NEW
Уважаемые Друзья! Приглашаем вас на x50000. На сервере вас будет ждать уютная атмосфера! Фан и PvP! Множевство дополнений! Брони, Оружия, Бижутерии, Крыльев, Тату. и много другого!
L2Duria Interlude Custom PvP Server 1000x. Grand Opening 26th February.25 Active Skills /50 Passive Skills (MultiSkills). 4th Classes on 80 Level Aka/Zar.
Welcome to the largest Lineage 2 project for the Latino/International community. Our 2021 season will take place on February 20st with the settings and gameplay of the 2018 hits!