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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2022

Added dynasty armor and weapons, Tattoos and Acc. Unique and exclusive abilities of each class, being shared at the party.
L2 Indigo x3 Low Rate Custom Server Start 01.03.2022!
Lineage 2 Freya free to play º Laravel is a gaming community and an international free-to-play Lineage 2 Freya private server. º We are glad to welcome you to our server
Lineage 2 Hive Five Exp:25x Sp:25x Adena:25x Drop:15x Spoil:15x
Main information Platform: Java Chronicle: Interlude Type: Classic server with a few changes. Game Protection: SmartGuard Information Registration for the Seven Seals begins on 2
⚔️L2 Limit Project⚔️ Dear players, Welcome to L2Limit The most balanced Interlude project, with unique features that players love. L2Limit is coming to change the Interlude commu
Features Easy Farm - Fast Catch up - Hard Enchant - NO PAY TO WIN Rates: Rates - Xp x100 | Sp x100 | Adena x100 | Party Xp/Sp x2. Enchant - Simple 60% | Blessed 70% | Safe +3 | Max
The classic version of the game without modifications Simplified character development and extraction of game values
XP/SP= x5 Adena = x2 Drop= x3 Spoil= x3 Sealstone= x2 Quest= x1 Raid Boss Adena = x1 Drop= x1
L2Gamers - Interlude -
Premium low-rate Interlude complex. New server is coming up on January 21
- EXP / SP: x100 - Adena: x40 - Drop: x25 - Spoil: x25 - Seal Stone: x10 - Raid Boss: x10 - Quest: x10
Server Chronicles: High Five 5. Implementation based on PTS data (skills, quests, mobs, RAID bosses, NPC behavior and more). Server: Low-PvP - Easy start, without difficult chara
Legend MMORPG! Lineage 2 ‍Major opening in 2022 GRAND CRUSADE x7
Here you will find an open Lineage 2 Homunculus ch server.2 with x50 rates and Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 with x50 rates!
Dear players and visitors we are happy to announce the first opening of L2Derby 17th of December at 20:00 Experienced and Friendly team offer you grandiose battles and sieges!
3 Servers: 1. X60 Craft-PvP 2. Avsd a Gve project. 3. x400 Craft pvp.
Client Interlude Type Craft-PvP XP 10x AD 100x SP 10x Starting LvL 1 Max LvL 80 ALL CLASS All classes can only use the armor or weapons assigned to their class Mages can only