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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2021

L2 Bratva High Five Server x5 Welcome the Bratva High Five Server x5 Fresh PROJECT STABLE NO WIPE Enjoy the server with your friends your free time Best Choise Mid Rate Custo
Take a step back in time when we were all very young and full of dreams, and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning.
After years of development and bug fixes we are proud to announce the opening of our High Five server. Join us now!
Lineage 2 Interlude Craft-PVP server x10. GmShop NoGrade/Grade B. All Buff Time 2hs. No Lag, NO BOTs
Open Beta 3-4-2021. 19:00. GMT +2
Pvp server based in Good vs Evil project
New low rate server x3 Interlude on 30th of January 2021 Expecting massive online 3000 ppl Longterm project Best worldwide interlude files. 2 years online guarantee.
Full Buff on Alt+B | Auto Farm | Max Enchant +10 | No bots! (Smart Guard 3.1) | Mana Potion | Auto Potion | No P2W | Max Dual Box | Buffs 1 hr | 300+ Online | Long Life for YEARS!
GRAND OPEN 7-1-2021 L2 RedArrow High Five Server x10 Welcome the RedArrow High Five Server x10 Fresh PROJECT STABLENO WIPE Enjoy the server with your friends your free time Best Choise Mid Rate Custom Server DONATE SHOP WITH ITEMS FEATURES EXP
Server Chronicles C4 - classic. Rates Exp x10 Sp x10 Adena x10 Drop x10 Spoil x5 RB x3 Epic x1 1 and 2 profession is taken for free Auto-learning skills Autoloot NPC full buffer The duration of all buffs is 60 minutes Buff sl
Gracia Epilogue L2Off Low Rate server PvP Exp 3x Sp 3x Drop 5x Spoil 5x.
We made a revolution in the world of multiskill servers the game has several game modes the full balance of all classes unique Event more than 3000 unique items and a common storyline
MultiWorld.Ws - New World Phoenix x3 - Lineage 2 High Five set up on a new Cllient Grand Opening 4th of December at 1800 GMT 1. Open Beta Test 28 November at 1600 GMT1. Basic information Server Chronicles High Five 5. Server Client Prelude of Wa - Break into our fabulous world of Lineage 2 Interlude and show everything you are capable of. WE ARE ALLOWED TO USE A BOT Servers live for years without WIPES. Start November 28 at 1600 GMT 3 Chronicles Interlude Rates X10 Direction LowR
Experience XP x2 Skill Points SP x2 Drop Adena x2 Drop Items x2 chance 1x amount Spoil x2 chance 2x amount Drop RaidbossGrandboss x2 Drop GrandBoss Jewelry x1 Quest reward XPSPAdena x2 1 Client limit per PC And IP Offline Shops
Interlude low rate long term project to stay up 3 years+, no wipes planned. No bots, no p2w donations!
L2XB Custom H5 Pve Multiskill Server. All Armors Weapons and Jewels have Special Stats Custom Armors Weapons and Jewels with Special Skills Cloak Shirt Wings Shields and Head Accessory Give Extra Power Shiny Bracelet open 6 Talis
A custom new world where new exciting adventure awaits - Reformed classes with completely reworked abilities All classes feel different and synergize well with each other. Reformed classes like SWS healer and dwarf tanksdps. Revamped skills with CDs bu