Servicios de desarrollo para servidores L2j / Development services for L2j

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I would like to attend everyone but the fact is this service is for people who speak spanish or people who speak enlgish very well.


I offer services in:

  • Creation of custom Quest (Client - Server) [NPCs used by the client will be used]
  • Code adaptation
  • Code Creation
  • Code Fix [
  • Personalized server assistance
  • Explanation for principals (Consultancies) of the datapack
  • Creation of private SVN repository
  • Explanation of why use SVN repository
  • Advice to mount your server using LINUX [Local or production]
  • DESIGN of your web page for PC and mobile phones (On mobile phones it seems to be an APP) If you want to see an example enter from your mobile phone to:
  • Forum for your Lineage 2 server. Example:
  • Creation of icon, image or button for Interlude. The image in PNG, JPG, BMP format ... etc is required.
  • Configure updater for Lineage 2 client (L2Updater)
  • SmartGuard installation ( to L2j servers (You must already have the purchased license)
  • Optimal allocation of RAM for proper operation of Lineage 2 server
  • Installation of animated backgrounds for website. (Logo required in PNG format of the server) NEW

Among others

Payment methods:
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

For your order to be processed you must make the payment at 100% of the established amount. This shows me that your request is serious and committed. In the same way I promise to deliver your order.

Before requesting the service, take this into account:

- If you want high quality at a good price, you should give more time.
- If you want high quality in a short time, you must pay a higher price.
- If you want a good price in a short time, you must sacrifice quality.
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Jul 22, 2019
I would like to attend everyone but the fact is this service is for people who speak spanish or people who speak enlgish very well.


Ofrezco servicios en:

  • Creación de Quest personalizadas (Cliente - Servidor) [Se usarán los NPC que tenga el cliente]
  • Adaptación de códigos
  • Creación de códigos
  • Arreglo de códigos
  • Asistencia personalizada en el servidor
  • Explicación para principantes (Asesorias) del datapack
  • Creación de repositorio SVN privado
  • Explicación de porqué usar repositorio SVN
  • Asesoría para montar tu servidor usando LINUX [Local o producción]
  • DISEÑO de tu página web para PC y móviles (En móviles da la impresión de ser una APP) Si quieres ver un ejemplo entra desde tu móvil a:
  • Foro para tu servidor Lineage 2. Ejemplo:
  • Creación de icono, imagen o botón para Interlude. Se requiere la imagen en formato PNG,JPG,BMP...etc.
  • Configurar actualizador para el cliente Lineage 2 (L2Updater)
  • Instalación de SmartGuard ( a servidores L2j (Ya debe tener la licencia comprada)
  • Asignación optima de memoria RAM para el correcto funcionamiento de servidor Lineage 2
  • Instalación de fondos animados para sitio web. (Se necesita logo en formato PNG del servidor)NUEVO

Entre otros.

Métodos de Pago:
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover


Antes de solicitar el servicio toma esto en cuenta:

- Si desea alta calidad a buen precio, debe dar más tiempo.

- Si desea alta calidad en poco tiempo, debe pagar un precio mayor.

- Si desea buen precio en poco tiempo, debe sacrificar la calidad.
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