Ertheia [L2OFF] - Ertheia - x6 - 16.12.2022

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New member
Nov 23, 2022

The most anticipated Lineage 2 Ertheia server launches December 16 at 18:00 UTC +2!
Open Beta test server launches December 9 at 18:00 UTC +2!


Dear players,
We have choosen [EP1.0] Ertheia: Dimensional Strangers version with more stable client and newer features. It will be running on dynamic XP rate system, which will mostly help you reach awakening on level 85 quickly, where all the fun just begins.
Server is based on retail files (L2OFF), so you can expect best possible experience of Lineage 2 - Ertheia version. It will be running on machine with professional antiddos protection in server hosting company, which should also guarantee better connectivity for all players.
We have implemented/reworked many features, which players were asking for in the past. Like Vote Reward or Multilanguage client (ENG/RU).
For more specific settings of our server, please read our features section on our website.

etc_ertheia_astatine.png Server Chronicle: [EP1.0] Ertheia: Dimensional Strangers
skill51272.png Server Rates: Up to 6x (Dynamic rate)
skill11524.png NPC Buffs: are available in every town (Buffs are Melody/Sonata/Harmony level 1 for 60 minutes and for 1-99 levels)
weapon_sword_of_miracle_i01.png D/C/B/A/S Equipment: is available in every town on Adventurer's Guide for Steel Door Coin (Reward from story quests) or in Weapon/Armory/Luxory shop
weapon_grabathus_i01.png R-Grade Equipment: After reaching 85 you may trade your mentee certificate for R-Grade - Requiem / Immortal Equipment!
skill4270_1.png Auto-loot enabled for everyone (Raid Bosses still drop their loot on the ground)
etc_quest_account_reward_i00.png Retail-like class transfer quests - it won't take more than few minutes
skill6369_3.png Maximum Clients per computer: 3
skill1623.png Maximum number of members in a party: 7
item_gragonskill_i05.png Platform: L2OFF server
ev_greeting1.png Antibot system: Active Anti Cheat + our own protection
dark_kain.png AntiDDOS: Our server is hosted on server provider with AntiDDOS protection

More informations about specific server settings is available on our website -