Interlude [L2J] L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude GvE starts 17/12 !

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New member
Jul 11, 2020
Hello all,
We are excited to announce that a new Interlude winter season will begin at Friday 17th December 19:00 GMT +2 !
This season comes to make sure players have some fun while we still work on some new ideas that will soon be revealed :)

For first timers, here's what you'll find while playing L2 OvC in a nutshell:
  • Infinite PVP events: Battlefield, CTF, domination, escort, fortress, KOTH, TvT and much more.
  • Unique mini events: Battle Royale, Counter Strike, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Poker and many others.
  • Boss fights: Raid in the Middle style events, beat all your opponents before trying to take on the boss!
  • Sieges: Build up your clan and participate in an all VS all clan hall / fort / castle siege, may the best clan win!
  • Farm Zone: Have some fun doing PvE while still keeping a lookout for PvP, just don't miss out the boss.
  • Other systems includes: 3vs3 tournaments, rebirth, dressme, ranks, achievements, daily missions, streamer rewards & others.
  • Features: Starting level 76 with C-grade, full GM shop and AIO buffer NPC.
See you at the opening !