Interlude L2Etina | Pakvietimo nuoroda | Interlude su Classic client

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New member
Sep 3, 2022
Hi, I inviting you to join L2Etina server, give them one more chanse. It's x3 Interlude server with Classic client ir some his good features. One of most impresive futures is buff stores that everyone can sell them and other one it's live items sellers search.

Server start date: 2022-09-16.

Who thinks to try this server, please use my invitation link for account registration:
It will be useful for me and for you, here is bonuses what you get for using invitation link.

x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Guidance
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Death Whisper
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Focus
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Greater Acumen
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Haste
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Agility
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Mystic Empower
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Might
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Windwalk
x3 L2Day Buff Scroll: Shield
x1000 Soulshots No Grade for Beginner
x500 Spirit Shot No Grade for Beginner

Who want to join me and make some party farming contact. I will level up Phantom Summoner ;)
In game name: Daemondas
Discord: Daemondas#8867

Thank you. And have a nice day. :)