HighFive L2Divinity X20 H5 27/01/23

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New member
Jan 19, 2023

OPEN BETA 12/01/2023 – 26/01/2023​

GRAND START 27/01/2023​

Experience: x20 (dinamic up to x50)
Spell Points: x20 (dinamic up to x50)
Item’s Drop: x20 (dinamic up to x50)
Item’s Spoil’s: x20 (dinamic up to x50)
Adena Drop: x10 (dinamic up to x50)
Grand Boss Item’s: x5
Grand Boss Jewelry: x1
Max Buff Amount: 24+4
Max Dance Amount: 14
Safe Item’s Enchant: +4
Max Armor Enchant: +16
Max Subclass Level: 85
Subclass without quest
– Auto Mana/HP Potion’s
Olympiad HERO Time: 14 day’s
– Autofarm 24/7 no limit
– Voting Reward (boost hero stats)
– Free Items on Levels & Level Farm Zone (automatic)​


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