HighFive L2 Galand - Grand Opening 6st of September

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New member
Aug 21, 2019
Hello dear fens of Lineage Hi-Five looking for a brand new server to play within. We ar glad to inform you that our server is in Open Beta state so you can join and chek it right away.

Please don't be shy to tell us your opinion about it, even if it's negative. We ar try to give our best to make the best L2 Mid Grade server that the world of Lineage Private servers will ever seen till this days.

Also we will like to inform you that L2Galand is planning to release Offical Server on 6st of September 2019.

Please inform your self about Server rates, rules, client, patch and everything else you need in our website and forum. https://L2Galand.com/ https://forum.l2galand.com/
You can find out what the hell we ar doing and meet out team right over here: http://l2galand.com/index.php?f=staff
If you like our project subscribe to our Facebook page click "Like" and join us and start battle of your life! Invite your friends make a clan and rule all then all!
L2Galand also planning to make an incredible events for the grand opening and even more for players experience in our server.

So what ar you waiting for ?





Server Rates
•Exp: x10
•Sp: x10
•Adena: x10
•Drop Chance: x3
•Spoil: x4
•Raid Drop: x2
•Epic Drop: x1
•Seal Stones: x3



Enchant Rates
•Safe Enchant: +3
•Max Enchant: +16
•Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 56%
•Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 66%
•Elemental Stone Chance: 60%
•Elemental Crystal Chance: 40%



Special Informations
•Maximum Client's Per PC: 4
•1st,2nd,3rd Profession from Community Board
•Mana Potion Delay : 10 Second
•Skills Auto Learn
•Skills Improved Buffs learn with forgotten books
•Auto Loot for monsters
•Manual Loot for raid bosses & epic bosses
•.menu system
•.vote command
•Territory War Every Week
•Only 1 window at the Siege/TW/Epic Zones
•Every 1 Hour Server Event's System
•Champion's System
•Anti Bot System (SGuard + report system)
•Geodata & Pathnodes
•Unique Community Board
•Droplist Search Engine
•Auction System

•Achievement New System



Buff Info
•Macro Profile Buffs at C.Board
•1H Duration on all buff's , dances,songs,prophecies.
•Summon Buff's
•Buff Slot: 20(+4 Divine Inspiration)
•Dance/Song Slot: 12
•Char Buffs: 1Hour



Equipment Info
•B-Grade,A-Grade,S-Grade by Adena
•S80-Grade and S84-Grade by Craft and Raid Bosses
•Consumables are available in the store



Raid Bosses,Epic Bosses,Instances Information

•Antharas Respawn: 192 Hours ± 2 Hours
•Valakas Respawn: 240 Hours ± 2 Hours
•Baium Respawn: 148 Hours ± 2 Hours
•Beleth Respawn: 192 Hours ± 48 Hours 11- 27 Players
•Queen Ant Respawn: 24 Hours ± 1 Hours
•Request for Normal Freya = 9-27 Players
•Request for Hard Freya = 11-45 Players
•Request for Frintezza = 9-45 Players
•Request for Zaken Daytime 83LvL = 9-27 Players
•Request for Zaken Daytime 60LvL = 9-27 Players
•Request for Zaken Nightly 60LvL = 11-45 Players


Nobless Retail Quest Need
SubClass Free (No Quest)
.dressme with new costumes
Wedding System



Olympiad Info
•Olympiad on MONTH
•Olympiad need 5 minimum participants to begin



Clan Information
•Siege Every Weekend
•Alliance Limit: 3 Clans



Site Info

Website : https://l2galand.com/

Forum : https://forum.l2galand.com/  

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2Galand/

Discord: https://discord.gg/u4NARW

We will offer you PvP Balance

~No Corruptions!
~Have fun!
~STAFF L2Galand