Guide How To Make Ur Own Buttons And Icon At Npc(+Pic)

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Jul 22, 2019
In this topic i will try to show you how you can add an icon/button in your npc !

First of all you have to download some programs

1st) Adobe Photoshop
2nd) An encrypter and UnrealED
3rd) Encdec Program

Icon in NPC like that (

We have to creatre an icon (I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 ) 256x256 pixels BE CEARFULL this you want is only the up side of our icon


After this edit your icon something like that


And save it as .tga


Okay ! Now we have to make the buttons!!

Go make again one file 128x32 and start paint ur own icon

Something like that


And save it as .tga too


After this you have to open unreal editor


Create a new file with the name you want


Make Import and put ur icons


Like this


And save it


Now we will use encypter


Edit it with notepad++ or something else and put the name of ur utx there ...


Save and run it and then u will see one more UTX file there with the enc- at start


Remove the enc- and put it in ur systextures

Go to one npc and put this for ur icon ----> <img src=L2(UR UTX NAME).(THE NAME OF YOUR PIC AT ME NOW IS 1) height=90 width=256></td>

And this for the button -------> width=94 height=21 back="UR UTX NAME.(THE NAME OF YOUR BUTTON AT ME NOW IS 2)" fore="UR UTX NAME.(THE NAME OF YOUR BUTTON AT ME NOW IS 2)"></td>

For me now was the ---> <img src=L2poytsomaxias.1 height=90 width=256></td>
width=94 height=21 back="l2poytsimaxias.2" fore="l2poytsimaxias.2"></td>



I hope to help :)

Credits : Me
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