Guide How to buy Advertising for your server

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Jul 22, 2019
Hello community.
This is a guide how to buy advertising for your server in our site !

1.First of all you have to go at section you want (L2/WoW/AioN/Minecraft/Perfect World/ RF Online / MU Online). And press the Advertising button

2.After this you have to choose if you want to buy Gold or Advertising and the advertise you want!

3. Next you have to buy Gold (1Euro = 1 Gold, also we have special discount if you buy a lot) Also if you have Gold overlook this step

4. Next you have to select the Advertise you want (My example is for banners)

4.1 There are numbers to see what banner you want to choose

4.2 Now select the banner you want

4.3 Add your server informations (Url Description) and how long you want your banner to be here also upload your banner but BE CEARFULL banner must be in correct size!
5. Just press Order

I hope that i help !
Enjoy our forum and thank you for choosing us!
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