EN Fortnite Season 10 Challenges: Stop Sign Locations, Stone Head Statue, And More

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Jun 17, 2019
Season X of Fortnite has arrived. The new season of Epic's popular battle royale shooter is officially underway on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, and it's shaken things up considerably. As expected, there are new areas of the map to explore, as well as a new Battle Pass to purchase, which gives you access to a load of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock.

That isn't all that's different this season, however; this time around, Epic has also made some big changes to how challenges work. In the past, the developer would release a new set of challenges to complete each week throughout the season, some of which would be available to everyone, even if they didn't own a Battle Pass. Now, however, most of the game's missions are locked behind the Season X Battle Pass.

The missions are also structured a bit differently this season. Instead of weekly challenges, Epic is grouping tasks together under different, themed sets. Each set also only initially offers three challenges, with additional ones being unlocked as you complete them. There are two themed sets available thus far, Road Trip and Rumble Royale, although more will be available as the season progresses.

You can see the full list of Fortnite Season X challenges thus far below, along with links to our dedicated guides to help you complete them. We'll continue to update this list throughout the season as more challenges become available, so be sure to check back regularly for all the latest tips and guides.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X Challenges
Road Trip Challenges

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Destroy Stop Signs With The Catalyst Outfit
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As its name states, this challenge involves destroying stop signs while wearing the Catalyst skin. The outfit is unlocked in tier 1 of the Season X Battle Pass, so once you've gotten it, equip the skin and get ready to commit some casual vandalism. You'll need to destroy 10 stop signs in total to complete this challenge, and this can be done across matches. As you'd expect, the stop signs are scattered across the entire island, but you'll find several of them in a handful of locations, particularly Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Mega Mall, and Paradise Palms. Once you've destroyed 10, the challenge will be complete and you'll earn 10 Battle Stars. Be sure to check out our stop sign locations guide for more details on where to go.

Visit Drift-Painted Durr Burger Head, A Dinosaur, And A Stone Head Statue
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This challenge is straightforward enough on the face of it--all you need to do is visit the three specified locations. The Durr Burger head can be found atop a hill just east of Pleasant Park. The dinosaur, however, is on the opposite end of the map--you'll see it beside a road to the south of Paradise Palms. Finally, the stone head statue is located near the frozen lake to the north of Polar Peak--it resembles a Moai statue (with a chair on top of it for some reason), so you can't miss it. Once you've visited all three monuments, you'll complete the challenge and receive 10 Battle Stars. For a more detailed look at where to go, check out our stone head statue, Durr Burger head, and dinosaur locations guide.

Rumble Royale Challenges
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In contrast to the Road Trip challenges, the Rumble Royale challenges are all tied to Team Rumble mode. You'll begin with a total of three tasks, with additional ones unlocking as you complete them. These are fairly straightforward compared to the Road Trip missions, ranging from winning a certain number of matches to assisting teammates with eliminations. You can see the list of Rumble Royale challenges we've unlocked so far below.

  • Play matches of Team Rumble with at least one elimination (5) -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Win a match of Team Rumble (3) -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Assist a teammate with eliminations in Team Rumble (20) -- 10 Battle Stars