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Aug 12, 2019
Hello Guys and good luck with the site, i had to my mind something that may be usefull for visitors arround the world... So let's go to the subject. Maybe could be more usefull if you could add country flags except the chosen 3 allready you added and translate the website to any of the chosen languages... I think that will be usefull and also you will have more visitors per day because they can participate in it and also can add their servers to your lists :). If you want more ideas let me know and i will share them with you privately!

Much respects and love!

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Jun 17, 2019
Good evening. Your information is very useful and we will do it as soon as we can.

If you want more ideas let me know and i will share them with you privately!
Of course we want to hear your ideas either in a private message or here as it suits you
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