EN Baium quest - An Arrogant Search

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Staff member
Jun 17, 2019
Start Level :60
Start Location: Town of Aden
Type: Repeatable, Party
Rewards: Bloody Fabrics (A piece of cloth soaked in the blood of angels and the Platinum race. Hanellin has told you that in order to challenge Baium, you must wrap this blood-soaked cloth around your body.)
Races: All
Classes: All

1. To start the quest go to Aden Castle Town and talk with Hanellin in Dark Elf Guild

2. She tells you to hunt Lesser elder, or lesser mage giant at Giants Cave to get titan power stone.

3. When you are ready speak with Hanellin again.

4. Now speak with Athebalt (near the Aden castle)

5. Talk to Holy Ark Of Secrecy2 in the Cemetary. Kill the angel that appear and talk to the chest again. After return to Athebalt.

6. Talk to Martien in Giran.

7. Talk to Holy Ark Of Secrecy3. Kill the archer that appear and talk to the chest again.

8. Talk to Magister Harne in Dark Eleven Village.

9. Find and talk to Ark Guardian's Corpse (first talk with the corpse, not the chest!). Kill the angel that appears and talk to the corpse again and get the key.

10. Now find and talk to Holy Ark Of Secrecy1 (is near). Go back to Dark Eleven Village and talk to Harne then return to Giran and talk to Martien.

11. Talk to Hanellin in Aden again. She asks you to buy 1 healing pot and 5 antidotes - do it and go back to her. She will ask you do you want adena or you want to see the emperor (Choose ADENA even if you want to meet Baium) She will give you white fabric wich automaticly will be used to transform to blooded fabric when you hunt those mobs:

12. Go and hunt Platinum Tribe Shaman and Platinium Tribe Overlords to obtain the blooded fabrics. Prepare to be patient - it will take some time !

13. Once you have the bloody fabric go back to Hanellin and she will give you 9 more white fabrics! With the 9 white fabrics go and hunt Seal Angel and Guardian Angel and this way you can visit Baium 9 times not make the quest again for every visit.

If you want to meet Baium don't go back to Hanellin !!! If you go back to her she will take all the blooded fabrics and give you adena.