EN Antharas quest - Audience With The Land Dragon

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Staff member
Jun 17, 2019
Start lvl: 50
Location: Giran
NPC: Gabrielle
Type: Repeatable
Rewards: Portal Stone to enter Antharas Nest

1. The quest starts in Giran at Gabrielle. She is situated at the south-west of the center sqare. She will send you to 4 NPC. Every NPC will send you to kill a couple of mobs and bring them the quest items.

2. First NPC Magister Kaiena is in Ivory Tower at 4th Floor � Dark Elf Guid She will send you to Forsaken Plains to hunt Marsh Stalker - Marsh Drake The mobs are situated in the crater of Forsaken Plains. After killing the mobs you will get the items: Marsh Drake Talons - Marsh Stalker Horn

3. After you get them go back to Magister Kaiena in Ivory Tower and give her the items. She will give you the Mark Of Watchman

4. Next NPC is situated in Hunters Village at Orc Guild his name is Prefect Chakiris. Speak to him and he will send you to kill 2 monsters in Giants Cave Kranrot - Hamrut. After Killing the mobs you will earn the quest items: Hamrut Leg and Kranrot Skin

5. Bring them back to Prefect Chakiris and you will get another Mark Of Watchman

6. The next 2 NPC are in Aden first is Aden Church and the other is at Warrior Guild. We will start with the one in Aden Church his name is High Priest Orven, talk to him and he will send you to Seal of Silen.

7. Here you will have to kill Blood Queen until the quest mob appears: Kill the quest mob and you will earn the quest item: Remains Of Sacrified

8. Bring it back to High Preast Orven and he will give you another Mark Of Watchman

9. The second NPC in Aden at the warrior guild is called Master Kendra. Talk to her and she will send you to Forest of Mirrors to bring her 1 quest item. Hunt: Harit Lizardman Matriarch and Harit Lizardman Shaman. Kill a couple of them and 3 quest monsters ( Harit Lizardman Zealot ) will appear, kill the monsters an you will get the quest item. Totem Of Land Dragon

10. Bring it back to Master Kendra and she will give you another Mark Of Watchman .

11. Go with the 4 marks back in Giran to Gabrielle, give them to her and she will send you to 2 NPC. First NPC is Warehouse Chief Moke in Gludin Warehouse. Talk to him and he will send you to Wind Mill to get him some quest items.

12. Here you will find a quest monster Abyssal Jewel 1. If you are a big lvl like 72+ damage dealer or nuker you will be able to get the items if you have a support character or you are lower lvl you will have to find some friends to pass the tests that will follow. So hit the Abyssal Jewel 1 and lots of quest monsters will appear you will have to earn quest item from Abyssal Jewel 1 and from the many monsters that protects it.
You have earned 1st Fragment Of Abyss Jewel and Mara Fang

13. After doing so go with the items back to Warehouse Chief Moke and he will give you a Mark Of Watchman .

14. The second NPC is situated in Oren his name is Blacksmith Helton, he will send you to Sea of Spores to get 2nd Fragment of Abyss Jewel and a Musfel Fang. Here the same thing will happen after hitting the Abyssal Jewel 2 many quest monsters will appear, again you will have to earn one quest item from the jewel and the other from protectors. You have earned 2nd Fragment Of Abyss Jewel and Musfel Fang

15. Take the items back to Blacksmith Helton and he will give you another Mark Of Watchman .

16. Take the 2 marks to Gabrielle in Giran. Now she will send you to the entrance of Dragon Valley to talk to Antharas Watchman Gilmore

17. He will send you to hunt some Cave Keeper and Cave Maiden . They are situated in front of Antharas Lair.

18. After killing a couple of them the Abyssal Jewel 3 will appear, hit it and some quest monsters will appear kill them and you will get only fragments from the jewel the protectors will not give a quest item any more. You have earned 3rd Fragment Of Abyss Jewel

19. Take the 3rd fragment to the NPC Antharas Watchman Theodric in front of the entrance of Antharas Lair, give it to him and you will earn the Portal Stone

Congratulations you now are able to enter Antharas Nest good luck killing it.
Every time you go to Antharas you have to make the quest again. You can have multiple stones in your quest inventory.