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    The end of the year is a time of year for remembrance. We take stock of where we came from, and have a moment to think about where we are going, as we pursue the future with hope. May your new year be all that you hope for, and may it be sprinkled with love and friendship. L2jTop team wish you Happy Holidays!
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  1. Draco

    Interlude DrenepiaWorld - Interlude Lineage II Private Server

    Wish you all the best by my side too brother!!!!
  2. Draco

    For any questions please use ONLY Private messages! Thank you.

    For any questions please use ONLY Private messages! Thank you.
  3. Draco

    Interlude [L2J]Lineage 2 Interlude, project of GGames.EU

    Good luck with it and wish you all the best in future!!!!! ✌
  4. Draco

    Strain'd - Thinking Made Visual - Web/Graphic Designs

    Ofcourse without doubt this guy is fully skilled and experienced with this part of designing!!!! Highly Recommend him !!!!
  5. Draco

    Rules MarketPlace Section Rules![MUST READ!]

    In order to make your Marketplace topic, you must first read section rules carefully to avoid any punishments acording the main Community's rules.!!!! Market Place Section Rules Before you're gonna make your own Topic please use our Search button option to your top right side of the screen to...
  6. Draco

    GR Καλορίζικο!!!

    Καλησπέρα αγορίνα μου! Καλό Π/Σ/Κ!!!! Βγαίνει Γ***το το Site!!!! Τώρα είναι πέναααααααα <3 :D
  7. Draco

    EN FIFA 2020 has female Managers for the first time!

    In a recent release of game notes for FIFA 20, Electronic Arts announced that players will be able to play its Career mode as female managers for the first time in the game’s history. Now, there will be the choice to manage your soccer squad as a woman or a man. The addition of female managers...
  8. Draco

    Rules Staff Recruitment Section Rules

    Dear Members and visitors of, Before you're gonna make your Staff recruitment post Read Section's Rules carefully and DO NOT TRY TO AVOID THEM! For Server Owners: In order to make your Topic, first give correct informations about your server infos and your recruitment requirements...
  9. Draco

    GR Καλορίζικο!!!

    Έτσι μπράβο!!!! :D
  10. Draco

    EN Call Of Duty rumor allready has fans buzzing about 2020 game

    The reboot nature of this fall’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will continue in 2020, according to rumors that gathered traction in social media and the games press this weekend. As described, the game will be either Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 or simply Call of Duty: Black Ops; but it’ll be set in...
  11. Draco

    GR Καλορίζικο!!!

    Προσεκτικές κινήσεις και πάντα με την βοήθεια των ατόμων που ήδη έχεις στο Team σου ;)
  12. Draco

    GR Καλορίζικο!!!

    αυτό πασά μου εξαρτάται από εσένα και τις επιλογές σου, από κανέναν άλλον :) Αν αξιολογήσεις σωστά τον ενδιαφερόμενο δεν θα υπάρξει πρόβλημα στο μέλλον :)
  13. Draco

    GR Καλορίζικο!!!

    Ελπίζω όλα να πάνε καλά και να βρεις κανέναν άνθρωπο της προκοπής που να μπορέσει να σε βοηθήσει!!! Αν και έτσι όπως γίναμε οι περισσότεροι κοιτάνε το τομάρι τους και τους υπόλοιπους τους έχουν γραμμένους εκεί που δεν πιάνει μελάνι!!!
  14. Draco

    EN Country Flags depending the visitor...

    Hello Guys and good luck with the site, i had to my mind something that may be usefull for visitors arround the world... So let's go to the subject. Maybe could be more usefull if you could add country flags except the chosen 3 allready you added and translate the website to any of the chosen...